Hey there!


I’m Abby! I help home bakers master French Macarons.

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Hey There!

I’m Abby! I help home bakers master French Macarons.

Explore the Course!

I'm sharing all of my secrets.


I get it. Baking macarons can be intimidating and endlessly frustrating.  I lost sleep perfecting my process so you don't have to ◡̈ 


More About Me

"This was the approachable and reliable next step I needed in my baking. I’d been intimidated by the variety of recipes online and the special techniques, but after Abby’s coaching and proven recipe, I have successfully made dozens of beautiful, delicious macarons!"


- Jena

Mastering French Macarons Virtual Course


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  • Step-by-step video instruction to make French Macarons from your home kitchen
  • Exclusive recipe downloads (shells + four different fillings!)
  • Tips and tricks to troubleshoot and achieve consistent results
  • Complete list of equipment recommendations
  • Access to Abby herself at any point in the course
  • Membership to an exclusive community group to ask questions and share successes!
  • Bonus content ◡̈ 
  • Lifetime access to course!
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Wouldn't it be fun to:

  • Have THE go-to beautiful dessert to bring to parties
  • Build your confidence as a baker as you master one of the most difficult French pastries
  • Impress your friends with the best macarons they have ever tasted
  • Enjoy your truly delicious macaron creations with your coffee each morning
  • Watch your favorite baking shows and say “I could make that better”... and mean it!
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