Hi! I’m Abby.


My baking journey traces back to a love for beautiful food and a desire to share it with people. And I think that there is nothing more stunning or sharable than a French macaron ◡̈ 

A few years ago I was on a solo trip to Paris, and I was looking for ways to fill my time. Even though I hadn't eaten many macarons at that point in my life, I did know that they were beautiful, challenging, and decidedly French. I couldn't resist, so I enrolled in a class and fell in love. 

When I got home I realized that baking macarons in my own kitchen was very different than in a controlled, commercial environment. I went through countless failed batches and admittedly, tears, trying to perfect them. I tried everything and wasted a lot of money along the way. But I finally made it. A developed my foolproof recipe + method.

I've now made thousands of macarons and sold them for weddings, baby showers, corporate events, and beyond.
Nothing makes me happier than hearing friends and strangers say "These are the best macarons of my life."

So now I want to teach you! I hope you marvel at the beauty of macarons, enjoy each bite, and share them with the people you love ◡̈ 

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